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Myron W. Bethel


Dr. Myron W. Bethel brings more than 30 yrs of OB/Gyn experience to the group. Trained in High-risk obstetrics at USC in Los Angeles, Dr. Bethel worked in Southern California for 25 years developing multi-specialty care clinics with a focus on women’s centered care. In 2008, Dr. Bethel brought his family, along with his experience and numerous skills, as well as his love for Obstetrics, to Northern Nevada. Most recently, Dr. Bethel worked at Renown and their Women’s health program. He is well known and highly respected among his peers and patients. Dr. Bethel, as a bilingual physician in his specialty, has opened the door to women of Hispanic origin and of childbearing age to receive the best care, combined with the highest service in our region. We are happy that Dr. Bethel has chosen to work with OB/GYN Associates as a Laborist Physician at Sierra Medical Center.

In his spare time, Dr. Bethel enjoys, among other things, watching movies and reading books. As the Father of a film major, his knowledge is often tested by his daughter Rebecka. Dr. Bethel also spends as much time in Sweden with his wife’s family as possible. He is an enthusiastic skier during the winter months at Mt. Rose where he learned to ski 15 years ago.