Menopausal Management

Menopause is a normal process but can be frustrating due to changes in menstruation, fertility, mood, sexual function and environmental comfort (hot flashes & night sweats).  In addition, new health concerns arise about our bone and heart health.  Because every woman experiences these changes differently, it is important that each woman be treated with an individualized treatment plan.  Our physicians and nurse practitioners at Ob/Gyn Associates can consult with you about your symptoms and help you decide the best treatment options for your health.  We offer a wide range of non-hormonal and hormonal treatment options.

  • Peri-menopausal contraception
  • Menopause management for breast cancer survivors
  • Non-hormonal therapy
  • FDA approved “bioidentical” hormone replacement therapy
  • Oral, Transdermal and Vaginal hormone therapy
  • Counseling and treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • MonaLisa Touch laser therapy for menopausal vaginal changes
  • Evaluation of heart health risks and referral when indicated
  • Evaluation of bone health risks including osteoporosis screening

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